Cool Imagination, LLC

CoolImaginationLogoWe are a different type of publishing company. The landscape if littered with traditional publishing, self-publishing and print on demand services. These are all excellent.

We are an all encompassing publisher that uses print on demand services. This means that the author will write, edit, and partner in marketing. The other publishing services including book formatting, registering, cover design and print on demand preparation is done by us. Unlike most self-publishing companies, there is no upfront cost to you. We collect a small percentage from your royalty payments. In other words, we are a partner in your success at we don’t get paid.

This is a somewhat unique concept and new to us as well. Our first publication is “Convergence” by Brian Claspell in late 2017. We plan to extend this to three additional titles in 2018 (hopefully . We will be asking for submissions soon. Please check back to get updates or sign up on our contact page to receive additional information.