Convergence by Brian W. Claspell


Turns out that Jim Conrad may not be as fictional as the CIA thinks.

When the CIA decides to go after terrorists through their weapons dealers they resurrect a cold war eccentric billionaire fictional character of the CIA, Jim Conrad, to purchase rare manuscripts to gain access to the arms dealers. Jenny, the key undercover CIA operative enlists a local Chicago accountant to pose as Jim as they meet the notorious cartel boss Ricardo to make connections.

As Jim and Jenny pursue ancient bronze plates that are sure to lead them to Yuri, one of the most elusive weapons dealers in the world, it becomes apparent that there is more at stake than just ancient manuscripts and exposing weapons dealers. Jim and Jenny will discover that the rare bronze plates are not the most valuable treasure. The perpetrators will stop at nothing to uncover the real treasure behind the bronze plates. Jim and Jenny discover a trail of deceit and corruption that makes Jim question who he can trust among his new employer, friends and acquaintances.